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courses and workshops

mediterrean architecture | conventionFriday 18 October 2019, at OCRA Montalcino, Permanent School of the Living with the patronage of the Municipality of Montalcino and the Order of Architects of Siena, organizes the convention "Mediterranean architecture" and the inauguration of the exhibition The Land That Remains.

climate changes. a forced reflection | conventionOn Wednesday 9 October, as part of the initiatives of the 2019 Landscape Festival, OCRA Montalcino hosts a conference to talk about climate change and the possible strategies to be implemented to counter its consequences. At the end of the conference, the inauguration of Federico Busonero's Carbon exhibition.

kundalini yoga & vedic artThe course, organized by Perla Aviram and Christine Persson in collaboration with OCRA Montalcino, proposes a weekend completely dedicated to the expression of our creativity. The period of transition between summer and autumn is a delicate moment during which to investigate yourself, look deeply into us and sow seeds for the future.

a monastery church | conventionOn Friday, 19 October, at the Friuli hall of the San Francesco Parish (Grosseto), the Permanent School of Living, in collaboration with the Crocevia Foundation and under the patronage of the Order of Architects of Grosseto, holds “A monastery church”, a convention dealing with the project of the place of worship.

THE LANDSCAPE economy, history and environment | conventionLandscapes are one of the key assets in Italy. Villages, farmhouses, parish churches and castles are part of the historical and artistic heritage that includes treasures of the Etruscan, Roman, Medieval and Renaissance civilization. Different experts are going to discuss the importance of preserving this heritage from an architectural point of view in connection with economy, history and environment.

aesthetics in architecture | series of meetings“How can an architect combine aesthetics and content, so that the process of changing behaviours and lifestyles is more effective? This theme will be discussed at the series of conferences organized by the Permanent School of Living in Tuscany from 23 to 27 July.

aesthetics in architecture | conventionFriday, 8 June 2018, at the Carpentry Museum Tino Sana in Almenno San Bartolomeo, the Permanent School of Living organizes “Aesthetics in architecture”, a convention that deals with the ability that architects need to have in order to combine aesthetics and content, so that the process of changing behaviours and lifestyles is more effective.

new possibilities for hospitality from abandoned buildingsCan hospitality be combined with the revitalization of municipalities and villages that have been depopulated in the last decade? Wednesday, 18 October, at OCRA the Creative Workshop of Living in Montalcino, a convention will be held on abandoned places that can be converted into places of welcome and hope for those who have chosen or have been forced to migrate.

space and light – cordischi meets andersonOn the occasion of the closing of Paola Cordischi’s solo exhibition, the Creative Workshop of Living presents “SPACE AND LIGHT”, a lecture by Swedish designer Olle Anderson. During the lecture, a video made by the artist for her solo exhibition will be shown.

archae-cuisine – lesson at dinner in the cloisterOn 28 July 2017, at 8:00 p.m., at OCRA Montalcino, on the occasion of the SPdA Summer School The Profession of Architect on Friday, Marta Coccoluto and Denise Bresciani present a performance dinner to guide our guests in the exploration of food connected with the migration of cultures from yesterday and today with the aim of letting them meet and combine.

thoughts on architecture between the ’60s and ’90sOn Thursday, 6 July, at OCRA Montalcino, under the patronage of the Order of Architects of Siena, the Permanent School of Living and Edoardo Milesi & Archos hold a convention with the aim of critically reviewing, through direct testimonies, the main aspects of the debate on architecture that took place between the '60s and '90s.

proximity and distanceThe series of meetings on the theme “The beauty of social fairness” promoted by the Parish of Sant'Egidio in Montalcino and the Permanent School of Living continues under the patronage of the Municipality of Montalcino.

the groan of creationIn this first meeting titled “The groan of creation”, Father Roberto Nardin presents the report “For theological ethics of creation, starting from Laudato si' by Pope Francis”, while Father Paolo Carlotti presents “For a human and integral ecology” to remind us of our responsibility and encourage us to become new women and men.

abandoned buildingsIn this course, architects and scholars investigate the main issues connected with the restoration of buildings, abandoned urban areas and historic centres through new paradigms emerging from the ongoing global crisis, which link the meaning of living to an unprecedented synergy with the local landscape and local communities.

architecture or bio-architecture?On Friday, 22 April, the professional refresher course ARCHITECTURE OR BIO-ARCHITECTURE organised by the Permanent School of Living in collaboration with the “Montalcino Bio” Committee is held at the Creative Workshop of Living in Montalcino. Pre-register on

architecture for haitiFriday, 18 December 2015, a convention on architecture and international cooperation in crisis areas and post-emergency is held in Prato.

the city: architecture or urban planning?Friday, 16 October 2015, a course aiming at outlining and discussing the specific characteristics of multiple approaches by comparing them from different perspectives, while raising some relevant questions about city management and doing urban planning and architecture today is held in Siena

reinhabiting heritage – a project for grossetoFriday, 30 October 2015, a learning and training event about the value of participatory design and strategies for the renewal and/or restoration of historical heritage takes place in Grosseto.

paths of lightWednesday, 9 September, the course to bring listeners closer to the concept of light in architecture not only as an additional element of design, but as a concrete material that can be used like a tangible material is held at the Triennale of Milan – Lab Hall.

seminar on europlanningSaturday, 20 June 2015, a course on the financing of European programmes aimed at supporting territorial development is held at the Monastery of Saint Augustin in Montalcino. The course is open to all those involved in funded projects, either in the private sector (profit or non-profit) or in the public sector.