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Edoardo Milesi architetto fondatore Archos team

edoardo milesi | architect

(Bergamo, 1954) Edoardo Milesi studied at the IUAV University of Venice and graduated in 1979 from the Polytechnic University of Milan with Franca Helg. He is an expert in the field of landscape and environmental protection, he has achieved specialization in numerous fields, including ecology in architecture, religious architecture and garden art. In 1990, he founded Archos studio, with which he carries out design activities spanning different areas and sizes, and which is characterized by consistent methods and constant research into environmental, social and construction aspects of architecture. He has always maintained that being an architect means dealing with man and his life in the complex cycles of nature. In addition to his professional practice, he constantly participates in cultural debate about contemporary architecture and is interested in disseminating and discussing his own experiments. In 2008, together with a group of artists and architects, he founded the magazine ArtApp, of which he is editor-in-chief. Since June 2009, he has been president of the cultural committee of the Bertarelli Social and Cultural Foundation. In 2014, he founded the cultural association Scuola Permanente dell’Abitare (Permanent School of Living). From April 2019 he is an active member of the University of Sciences, Letters and Arts of Bergamo and member of the Board of Directors of the Fabbriceria del Duomo of Siena, called “Opera della Metropolitana”.

giulia anna milesi | architect

(Bergamo, 1986) Giulia Anna Milesi was born in Bergamo and raised in Cortona, and she studied in Switzerland at the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio.
She graduated in 2011 with Shelley McNamara and Yvonne Farrell from Grafton studio with a Housing project in London. In 2008, she moved to Barcelona, where she worked at the Archikubik Studio. Since August 2011, she has been working with Archos in Bergamo, mainly dealing with architectural design, renovation, and coordination of the competitions and foreign projects department. She leads a project on a vocational school and the construction of a residential village made up of wooden micro buildings in Port-au-Prince in Haiti.
Since 2012, she has been an assistant in the summer school workshops organized by the Permanent School of Living (SPdA), and since 2014 she has been a member of the scientific committee. In 2011 (Tokyo) and 2014 (Durban), she presented the works of the Archos studio at the UIA International Congress of Architecture as a speaker.

paolo abbadini | engineer

Paolo Abbadini graduated in Building Engineering and Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Milan. He is an expert in environmental sustainability and is responsible for the department for energy saving and renewable energy. He is a qualified safety officer and energy certifier.
He has been working with the Studio since 2006, and he is in charge of project contracts.

roberto belotti | engineer

Roberto Belotti graduated in Building Engineering with a thesis on “Energy Simulation in Dynamic Mode of a Building Used as a Professional Studio, and Economic Assessment of Possible Improvements”. Since 2003, he has worked with the Studio on the design of dry-stone buildings, the supervision of construction sites, and project accounting.

martina biava | architect

Graduated in 2019 at the international course of Architecture of the Polytechnic of Milan with a thesis that investigates the typological aspect and the responsibility of architecture in Italian prisons. She attended the Advanced School of Architecture and went to represent Italy at the "Design Critical Thinking" in Shanghai in 2018. She collaborated with the Archos studio from October 2019 .

cristian carrara | visual designer

Graduated in Advertising Design, since 2008 he has worked with the Studio by dealing with graphic and multimedia design, development of websites, communication and social media management. Since 2011, he has been in charge of the layout of the magazine ArtApp.

elena cattaneo | editorial staff

Since 2000, Elena Cattaneo has organized events, conferences and public relations. She works for the association Permanent School of Living and is responsible for the publishing department by coordinating the editorial staff of the magazine ArtApp and all the editorial projects of the Studio.

laura cavalieri manasse | editorial staff

Since 2010, Laura Cavalieri Manasse has worked with the Archos publishing department by assisting Edoardo Milesi in publishing the ArtApp magazine and in the editorial coordination of the ArtApp magazine.

davide fagiani | designer

Davide Fagiani graduated in industrial design from the Polytechnic University of Milan. Since 2010, he has worked with the Studio as an expert in 3D graphics rendering by managing design projects and museum installations.

ivana ghirardi | architect

Ivana Ghirardi graduated in architecture from the Leonardo Department of Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Milan.
Since March 2006, she has worked with the Studio by dealing with urban planning and architectural design. She is a qualified safety officer and energy certifier. In addition to being responsible for procurement, she also takes care of project management and planning.

mary grassenis | administration staff

Since 1993, Mary Grassenis has been responsible for administration and executive secretariat.

viola grassenis | architect

Viola Grassenis graduated in 2016 in interior architecture from the Polytechnic University of Milan with a thesis on the restoration of an abandoned industrial building to make it a spa while taking into account all aspects of wellbeing. She has always been passionate about literature and writing. She has worked with the Studio since January 2017 and has also been involved in communication.

michele milesi | video editor

Michele Milesi graduated in sciences and techniques of visual arts: cinema and photography with a thesis on urban landscapes in the “new cinema” of the '60s. He is responsible for multimedia production and communication at Archos. Since 2013, he has been in charge of the educational programme and construction site logistics for the technical school in Haiti.

giacomo massoni | engineer

Giacomo Massoni was born in Siena and graduated in building engineering and architecture in Pisa and then completed his studies on architectural restoration at the University of Ferrara. His thesis was awarded the prize Carlo Pucci, a distinction at the SIRA Youth Prize, and the ARCo Youth Prize 2018.

marta minetti | architect

Marta Minetti graduated from the Polytechnic University of Milan in 2012 with a thesis on public infrastructure as a new principle of settlement in Cambodia, a project that lead to the construction of a secondary school near Phnom Penh. She managed the relevant construction site with Architects Without Borders, of which she has been a member since 2010. She has worked with the Studio since February 2016.

chiara poletti | architect

Chiara Poletti studied at the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio, where she graduated in 2015 with Antonio Citterio. In 2011, she worked in Berlin at the Sauerbruch Hutton studio. She has worked with the Studio since October 2015 by dealing with architectural design. She has been a BIM manager since 2017.

lisa salvi | architect

Lisa Salvi is from Bergamo and she studied architectural design at the Polytechnic University of Milan, where she graduated in 2017 with a thesis entitled “Castelseprio: Improvement of the Archaeological Park. Rebirth of the Medieval Village”. She worked with Architect Guido Dell'Acqua until January 2019. She has worked with Archos studio since February 2019.

paolo vimercati | surveyor

Paolo Vimercati is a project manager. Since 1998, he has worked for the Studio as construction site manager, while being in particular responsible for work management, accounting, coordination, and safety.

clement adjet | logistics

Clement Adjei is responsible for the maintenance of Archos’ offices and accommodation.

francesca bianchi | ocra montalcino

Francesca Bianchi graduated in educational sciences and, since January 2017, she has been responsible for the OCRA headquarters of the Permanent School of Living in Montalcino, by taking care of all cultural activities and hospitality.

massimo mucci | surveyor

Massimo Mucci has worked with the Studio by taking care of accounting both during project budgeting and project execution; he is a safety officer.

amadi haidara | logistics

Amadi Haidara helps with the management of the accommodation and the educational and cultural activities of OCRA Montalcino.

lassi dembele | logistics

Lassi Dembele helps with the management of the accommodation and the educational and cultural activities of OCRA Montalcino.

adele pinna | architect


Born in Thiesi (SS), she studied at the University of Sassari where she graduated in 2018 with a thesis on the regeneration of an industrial area based on the principles of the circular economy. Since September 2019 he has been carrying out an internship at the Archos studio.

giulia losito | architect


Born in Macerata (MC). Graduated in Architecture in 2016 at the University of Roma Tre and in 2019 in Landscape Architecture at the University of Florence her thesis work was rewarded with the Carlo Pucci Prize in the environmental and landscape recovery category. Since September 2019 she carries out a training internship at the Archos studio in Montalcino.

chiara bartolini | architect


Born in Bologna (BO). Graduated in Architecture in March 2019 at the Alma Mater Studiorum in Bologna, in Cesena, with a thesis focused on the redesign of the archaeological system of the travertine quarries of Tivoli in Rome. She participated in the course "Architecture for the landscape" promoted by Yacademy in Bologna. Since November 2019 she carries out a training intership at the Archos studio.

matteo carrara


Born in Alzano Lombardo on 17 March 1998, graduating student in architecture at the Polytechnic University of Milan. Since March 2020 he carrying out a curricular internship at the Archos studio supporting the team in the design for ideas competitions.

the following people have worked with edoardo milesi & archos: paolo abbadini, clement adjei, stefano affinito, vittorio alessio, mattia almeri, lucia amaddeo, santina ambrosini, alice arizzi, nicola baldelli, nadia balduzzi, beatrice simona balini, maicol barcella, chiara bartolini, stefano baretti, veronica belloli, paolo belloni, laura belotti, roberto belotti, francesca bianchi, martina biava, eleonora bindi, mario bonicelli, antonella bonomi, deborah borsatti, ersilia brambilla, emanuele bruno, maria capuozzo, cristian carrara, matteo carrara, monica carminati, elena cattaneo, laura cavalieri manasse, marcello cecconi, damiano cerami, matteo clerici, angelo colleoni, giulia de lucia, lassi dembele, lina de sando, mariangela di capua, francesco cazzaniga, davide fagiani, marco fattorini, alessandra francesca ferrari, christian figaroli, andrea folignoli, silvia fumagalli, luca furlani, matteo galeno, costanza galli, angela pia gelmetti, fabiana gelmini, ivana ghirardi, mara gotti, mary grassenis, viola grassenis, michele guerini, amadi haidara, lucrezia iannacci, margherita inzoli, elif keve, thomas legler, giorgia longaretti, giulia losito, claudia manenti, sandra susana marchesi, valentina marinai, laura marioni, giacomo massoni, marzia medici, roberta melasecca, francesca melissano, laura merla, tiziano merlini, giulia anna milesi, michele milesi, valeria moliterno, marta minetti, massimo mucci, elena musitelli, ervis nako, carlo pasinetti, francesca perani, marco percassi, elisa perioni, andrea persico, luca petruccelli, elena pezzotta, ramona pianetti, adele pinna, laura pizzi, chiara poletti, vincenzo porrovecchio, irene puorto, lucia righetto, alessandra rigoli, matteo rizzi, nadia rossi, alessandra rottigni, lisa salvi, eduardo santamaria, massimo silvestri, paolo sterni, antonella suardi, sato takeshi, ana luisa costa silva teixeira, federico tironi, beatrice tomasella, marco vavassori, ilaria vedovati, daniele vezzosi, paolo vimercati, andrea volpe, zdravko vuleta, michele zambetti, paolo zanchi