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SPdA summer school of architecture 2016
the profession of architect

From 24 to 31 July 2016, the Permanent School of Living, in collaboration with the Bertarelli Foundation, presents the Summer School 2016_The profession of architect: an intensive residential training course for 15 young future architects, a one-week full immersion to learn how to deal with the complexity of the profession through an in-depth study of humanistic culture and technical culture considered as the art of building.

Summer School 2016 offers a new method of training for design architects through a methodological approach different from the approach adopted at universities, by developing problem solving skills and leveraging on the “vocation” for architecture. The aim of the Summer School is also to show that training in architecture requires a considerable amount of autonomy and a great ability to find the right teachers with whom students can discover their own inclinations and passions.

Summer School 2016 is focused on the macro-themes Time, Nature, Architecture and Project, and it aims at examining the three fundamental stages of architecture: Designing – Building – Managing.
Designing based on the mutual relationship between theory – information and research on mankind, its history and its culture – and practice – the physical and sustainable realization of a dream and a utopia through technique and sharing; building quality spaces using harmonic biodynamic forms and through the ability of materials to actually take part in the active life of buildings; managing the complex aspects of architecture, which deals with spaces for people, with the aim of proposing utopias while offering desirable and feasible ways to actually achieve them.
During the design workshops, border urban areas will be selected where small (and, in necessary, slow) systems will then be applied with a biodynamic approach, with the aim of solving social issues, which are the most important issues in border areas, by increasing urban comfort (including climate comfort). This year, the Summer School focuses on the design of a new urban area for citizens in two border gateway cities.

Summer School 2016 offers an immersive experience in Tuscany, between archaeology and contemporary art while also dealing with the Renaissance. During the week, activities are carried out in the following locations: Bertarelli Foundation Forum (Cinigiano – Grosseto), Complex of S. Agostino (Montalcino – Siena), Monastery of Siloe (Poggi del Sasso – Grosseto), Collemassari Winery (Cinigiano – Grosseto), Archaeological Area of Pava (San Giovanni d’Asso – Siena), Banfi Castle (Montalcino – Siena). Those taking part are not just students but actual inhabitants of OCRA The Creative Workshop of Living in Montalcino, where the students of the Summer School are accommodated. Participants thus have the opportunity to live 24 hours a day in close contact with teachers, professionals, experts and artists, while taking part in lectures, events, guided tours and workshops.

Summer School 2016 has a team of teachers composed of university lecturers, professionals and artists of international renown.

GIANDOMENICO AMENDOLA, a urban sociologist; SUAD AMIRY, an architect, writer, and a political and social activist; DENISE BRESCIANI, an architect, artist, performer and food designer; STEFANO CAMPANA, an archaeologist; CARLO CELLAMARE, a lecturer in urban planning at the Faculty of Engineering of the University “La Sapienza” of Rome; MARTA COCCOLUTO, an archaeologist and the Director of the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia; GAETANO DI PASQUALE, a lecturer in wood technology at the University Federico II of Naples; FRANCO FARINELLI, the Director of the Department of Philosophy and Communication at the University of Bologna; SAVERIO LUZZI, PhD in political society and cultures from the late middle ages to the contemporary age; MICHELE MANIGRASSO, Ph.D in architecture and urban planning at the Department of Architecture of Pescara; ALBERTO MAZZOCCHI, a surgeon specialized in Maxillofacial Surgery; EDOARDO MILESI, an architect and the Director of the Permanent School of Living; GIULIA ANNA MILESI, an architect; ANDREA PANDOLFI, an architect; CARLO POZZI, a full lecturer in architectural design at the Faculty of Architecture of the University G. D’Annunzio of Chieti Pescara; PAOLO RIANI, an architect and urban planner; CARLO TERPOLILLI, a lecturer at the Department of Architecture of the University of Florence; MATTEO VEGETTI, a lecturer in cultural anthropology and forms of living at the Academy of Mendrisio; CLARA VERAZZO, a lecturer in architectural restoration techniques at the Faculty of Architecture of the University G. D’Annunzio of Chieti-Pescara; MARCO VERDINA, a structural engineer.

The Bertarelli Foundation grants 5 scholarships covering the full enrolment costs. The Bertarelli Foundation, which was founded by siblings Maria Iris Tipa Bertarelli and Claudio Tipa, has been operating since 2009 by promoting Tuscan communities through contributions to the world of art, environmental restoration, archaeology and sustainable contemporary architecture. To apply for a scholarship, the following requirements apply: maximum age 35 years as of 1 January 2016; Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or being enrolled in the fourth year of a single-cycle university degree course. Applications for scholarships close on 31 May 2016.
Organization: Permanent School of Living
Director: Edoardo Milesi
The Permanent School of Living was born from the idea that living means building, cultivating relationships and, just like breathing and eating, it is a primary need, a collective action. For this reason, the activities proposed in its headquarters in Albino (Bergamo) and in the headquarters of OCRA The Creative Workshop of Living in Montalcino (Siena) include meetings, debates, workshops, conferences, refresher courses, art workshops, academies, festivals, summer schools, publishing and performances.

Partner institutions: University “G. D’Annunzio” of Chieti-Pesscara – DdA Department of Architecture; University of Florence – DIDA Department of Architecture.

Summer School 2016 | The profession of architect

24/31 July 2016
OCRA Via Boldrini 4 Montalcino