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archos 04|05|23Registrations open to the X edition Archos Summer School of Architecture 2023The residential design workshop between architecture and archeology organized by the Scuola Permanente dell'Abitare in collaboration with the Archos studio and the contribution of the Bertarelli Foundation. From 23 to 29 July, a unique professional growth experience in the heart of Tuscany open to students and young professionals.

archos 27|06|22Archos Summer School 2022 – Registrations openRegistrations open until 5 July at the Archos Summer School 2022 - Architectures of Passage. From 25 to 30 July an immersive experience open to students and young professionals under 35. Six days in the heart of Tuscany between design workshops, lectures by experts and university professors, guided visits to historical and contemporary architectures and practical self-construction session in raw earth and straw on the principles of innovation and ecological transition.

archos 24|07|20german design award 2020 excellent architecture to the inhabited roccolo in clusone (bg)The inhabited Roccolo designed by Edoardo Milesi & Archos has won the prestigious German Design Award 2020 – Excellent Architecture category, the international award given by the German Design Council to projects that offer pioneering contributions to the panorama of German and international design.

archos 10|06|20archos studio wins the competition for the design of a cycle and pedestrian walkway on the lura stream (co)A soft walkway of almost 70 meters in length suspended above a valley where nature is the true protagonist and the work belongs to it, emphasizing the relationship between man and nature. The great lightness and transparency that characterizes the bridge are inspired by the Inca-Tibetan technique, transforming it into a landmark of landscape attraction.

archos 07|02|20special mention in the contest for the renovation of the guido corso refuge in tarvisio (ud)Motivations of the Mention: The project proposes a new highly iconic structure that highlights the structural elements of a compact and vertical building. The memory of the pre-existence is evidenced by the ground floor where the structure of the “first” Corsi refuge is maintained. On the upper floors the common space, open on the terrace, […]

archos 19|11|18The House of Memory of the Future in Maiano LavacchioIn Maiano Lavacchio we want an infinite place, in the sense that it is never finished, it is always under construction and, as should be the case with culture, it has no physical limits. On Thursday, 8 November, the project Erasmus + Our Memories and I, which began in 2017 and is set to be […]

archos 16|08|18jerusalem | at the school of nature, the circulation of the airAn article about the use of technique in architecture, to dissect the meaning that over time has changed radically until the advent of digital technology where the invention and the alleged human discovery replace the technical elaboration of the example of nature.

archos 15|07|18jerusalem | the churchyard, the city, the restoration of the modernA reflection on architecture for worship, in its relationship with the place, the community and the individual, in the form that contributes to communicating eternal emotions, without mediation. But also an open and public architecture, where the secular and religious worlds meet and talk about themselves.

archos 21|06|18jerusalem | design a museum for a saint«The set up of a museums remains one of the things that fascinates me the most and every time it involves me in a different way. It will be this entering between the works, the personal objects, the stories in people's lives, in their relationship with the world, with people, stealing their point of view on the human condition ... "

archos 17|05|18jerusalem | the secular reuse of a sacred place«I explained that when you recover a complex like that of Sant'Agostino, not only its walls are recovered, but also the culture that has pulsed in it, transforming it into a place suitable for the fluid use by the city, which container and active connector between social, cultural and tourist life ".

archos 19|04|18jerusalem | design the sacred furnishings"The sacred furnishing project must determine the conditions necessary for the ritual to manifest itself. From the synergistic collaboration between the careful design of the architect and the slow and skilful work of the artisans, emerge those "subtle energies" given by the common passion that unites ancient knowledge and meticulous techniques"

archos 09|04|18giorgio milesi | works, graphics, writingsFriday, April 20 at 6.30 pm, the Permanent School of Living, with the sponsorship and contribution of the Municipality of Bergamo, presents "Giorgio Milesi. works, graphics, writings" at the former Church of the Maddalena in Via Sant'Alessandro in Bergamo.