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extension of a residential building in the regional park of the hills of bergamo

sorisole (bg)

the project includes extending the existing building according to the volume granted by the consortium of the regional park of the hills of bergamo.
it aims at enhancing the characteristics of the area, creating a new volume that is coherent in terms of composition, finish and view of the surroundings. the sustainable criteria that characterize it concern the following areas:
– use of load-bearing wall structures having high thermal insulation properties;
-exposed wooden ceilings;
– wooden structure of the roof, thermal insulation and ventilated chamber;
– use of rain water recovery systems for irrigation purposes and for the services that do not require drinking water;
– use of atoxic coatings with a high degree of surface breathability.
the use of natural materials respects the authenticity of the existing building, also through shapes and spaces that are typical of the mountain architectural style, such as the balconies in natural larch with pier walls and horizontal fillets facing the south-eastern side.