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projects | cupano winery extension

edizioni archos

Edoardo Milesi | Inhabiting Wood

A book that traces 40 years of experience in the design and use of wood in the Milesi’s architecture between renovations, private homes, public spaces and worship buildings built between Lombardy and Tuscany

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projects - two in one

edizioni archos

Franco Avicolli | Il Signor Pomodoro

The etymological, historical, geographical, artistic, social and culinary journey of a product that, starting from afar, has made its way into our history and the quality of our life.

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SPdA | courses and workshops

places of culture

projects | the inhabited roccolo

edizioni archos

ArtApp 26 | Fear & Nature

The latest issue of ArtApp is available! More about music, art, society, architecture, cinema, photography.....Subscribe to the magazine or work with us

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