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philip adiutori

born in Erie in Pennsylvania, he graduated in landscape architecture from penn state university and a master's degree in interdisciplinary design for the built environment from the university of cambridge. landscape architect, he founded and leads the MÀKIA landscape architecture studio in Florence. he is a strong advocate of using hand drawing to quickly communicate design intent, as well as stressing the importance of learning by doing.

giandomenico amendola

Giandomenico Amendola was a full professor of urban sociology at the architecture department of the University of Florence. He carried out research and gave lectures at the department of urban planning & spurs of the MIT University of Cambridge; the centre for environmental structures of Berkeley; the graduate school of architecture, planning and preservation urban planning program at Columbia University in New York.

suad amiry

Suad Amiry is an architect, a restoration specialist, a writer, a political and social activist, and a founder of RIWAQ, a Ramallah-based NGO for the preservation of cultural heritage that changes the concept of urban renewal in historic districts into social and economic development. She has taught architecture at the University of Jordan and Birzeit; she is the author of numerous books and articles about architecture.

fabrizio franco vittorio arrigoni

Fabrizio Franco Vittorio Arrigoni is an associate professor of architectural and urban composition at the architecture department of the University of Florence. He is an editor of numerous magazines and books, and a curator of exhibitions, and he has also authored numerous publications.

lorenza baroncelli

italian architect, urban planner, urban regeneration theorist and curator. visiting professor at the polytechnic of vienna and member of the advisory board of the department of architecture, construction engineering and built environment of the polytechnic of milan. he also teaches the master of art of the luiss in rome. she was artistic director at the triennale di milano from 2018 to 2022.

paolo benanti

Paolo Benanti is a Franciscan of the Third Regular Order, he received his education in ethics and theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University and continued his studies at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. He is a lecturer in moral theology and bioethics in Rome, Assisi and Anagni. He works with the American Journal of Bioethics – Neuroscience and he is a member of the editorial staff of Synesis: a Journal of Science, Technology, Ethics, and Policy.

piero bevilacqua

Piero Bevilacqua is a full professor of contemporary history at La Sapienza University of Rome. In 1986, he founded the Southern School of History and Social Sciences (IMES), of which he is the Director, and the magazine Meridiana, of which he is the Editor-In-Chief.

giovanna bianchi

Giovanna Bianchi is a medieval archaeologist and has a PhD in medieval archaeology. Since 2006, she has been an associate professor of Christian and medieval archaeology at the department of archaeology and history of art at the University of Siena. She was a scientific coordinator of the research project on medieval architecture at the Albanian excavation sites in Buthrotum, the castle of Gjirokastër, and the castle of Berat.

carlo blasi

Carlo Blasi is a full professor of architectural restoration at the University of Parma.
He has provided consultancy on an international level for the stability of historical buildings for the UNESCO in Albania, Bosnia, Cambodia, Kosovo, Lebanon, Palestine and Tunisia. He is a member of the commission for the stability of the Ghirlandina bell tower, of the cathedral of Modena, and of the complex of Saint Stephen in Bologna.

maurizio boldrini

Maurizio Boldrini has been a professional journalist since 1980. He has been the director of Sienese and Tuscan newspapers, including Nuovo Corriere Senese, Teleregion, Toscana TV, Gazzettino Senese; he has worked for important newspapers and national and international magazines (Unità, Rai, Il Manifesto, Le Monde Diplomatique). He has won the Senigallia award for best Italian reporter.

denise bresciani

Denise Bresciani is an architect, an artist, a performer and a food designer. She lives in Toulouse, France. She is the founder of Architectures de Bouche, a workshop that explores and experiments with food through different artistic expressions and by analysing the relationship between human being and food. She works mainly in cultural and artistic spaces with art installations and performances that involve the public firsthand.

stefano campana

Stefano Campana is an archaeologist and a lecturer in ancient topography at the University of Siena. He is an Advanced Marie Curie Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge. He is a meetings secretary of the International Aerial Archaeology Research Group, a member of the scientific committee of the Arcus Project for the reconstruction of the Via Annia, and a member of the board of directors of the P.A.V.A. Foundation.

giovanni cangi

Giovanni Cangi is a lecturer at the department of engineering of the University of Rome Tor Vergata. He works with the University of Perugia – department of engineering. He is a consultant at the Italian National Research Council CNR for the study of restoration and consolidation of the Bedesten in Nicosia (Cyprus) and for the project Metaphor Culture Programme 2000.

paolo cantoresi

Paolo Cantoresi is a psychologist at UFSMA VDE. He is the director of the four mental health day centres in Pisa, Pontedera, Volterra and San Frediano.

stefano casciani

Stefano Casciani is a writer, an artist and a designer. He is internationally recognized for his writings and his research on the interweaving between the culture of design and the different forms of expression. He won the 2001 Golden Compasses award for the Rai television series Design Lessons. He was the deputy director of Domus from 2000 to 2011, and in 2012 he founded the magazine Design, the New Industrial Culture.

carlo cellamare

Carlo Cellamare is a Lecturer in urban Planning at the Department of engineering of the University “La Sapienza” of Rome. He is the scientific director of research on the relationship between built and lived cities, and on urban and territorial planning as a complex social process with particular focus on urban practices, on the relationship between social networks and changes in city districts, and on urban policies in suburbs.

fabrizio chella

Carlo Cellamare is a Lecturer in urban Planning at the Department of engineering of the University “La Sapienza” of Rome. He is the scientific director of research on the relationship between built and lived cities, and on urban and territorial planning as a complex social process with particular focus on urban practices, on the relationship between social networks and changes in city districts, and on urban policies in suburbs.

michela chiti

Michela Chiti is an architect and a founding partner of the Architecture and Urban Planning Studio 342. She is a sessional lecturer at the University of Florence.

carlo citter

Carlo Citter is an adjunct lecturer in Christian and medieval archaeology at the University of Siena. He has authored numerous essays on medieval archaeology; his fields of research are landscapes and medieval cities, spatial analysis and predictivity in archaeology.

marta coccoluto

Carlo Citter is an adjunct lecturer in Christian and medieval archaeology at the University of Siena. He has authored numerous essays on medieval archaeology; his fields of research are landscapes and medieval cities, spatial analysis and predictivity in archaeology.

caterina angela contu

architect, bases his work on research, innovation and continuous experimentation. His Studio Arch & Garden deals with Design but not only, since for years he has been passionately dedicated to the composition of Emotional Gardens, unique and enchanting. she is the author of the book "voyage secret in the gardens" on the symbolism of the gardens of antiquity. Among her latest works is the first example of an emotional garden created in Scansano in Tuscany.

francesca maria corrao

Francesca Maria Corrao is a full professor of Arabic language and culture at the department of political science of the LUISS University of Rome. She is the president of the Orestiadi Foundation in Gibellina and a member of the Union of European Arabists and Islamists, of the European Professor of Modern Arabic Literature, and of the Institute of Oriental Philosophy of the SOKA University of Tokyo.

marco d'eramo

born in rome in 1947, graduated in physics, he then studied sociology with pierre bourdieu at the école pratique des hautes études in paris. journalist, he has collaborated with “paese sera” and “mondoperaio”, and collaborates with “il manifesto”.

giorgio de finis

Giorgio De Finis is an anthropologist, a filmmaker, an artist and an independent curator. He has authored books and scientific articles, and articles for the culture section of newspapers and magazines. He is the creator and curator of MAAM, a museum of the other and the elsewhere at Metropoliz_a miexed city, and of the -1 Art Gallery at the House of Architecture in Rome.

silvia de martino

Silvia De Martino is a sociologist specializing in sociology of organizations. She has worked mainly on projects for the reorganization of companies and for local authorities, regions and local health authorities. She currently works with some universities (Rome Tor Vergata, Palermo, Padova) on local development issues in a global perspective. She has authored articles and books on new poverty and integration difficulties of foreigners.

gaetano di pasquale

Gaetano Di Pasquale is a lecturer in wood technology at the Federico II University of Naples. He is specialized in the history of vegetation and landscape. He was a lecturer in environmental archaeology at the University of Siena and he now deals with the history of landscapes and trees in the Mediterranean and the interaction between human being and plant resources in the last 10,000 years.

maurizio di stefano

engineer, architect, specialized in the restoration of monuments at the Federico II university of naples. author of numerous publications.

franco farinelli

Franco Farinelli is the director of the department of philosophy and communication of the University of Bologna, where he gives lectures on geography, and theories and models of space. He is the president of the Association of Italian Geographers AGEI. He has given lecturers at the Nordic Institute for Urban and Regional Planning in Stockholm, and at the University of Geneva, Los Angeles ULCA, Berkeley, Sorbonne and École Normale Superieure.

enzo fiammetta

Enzo Fiammetta has a PhD in industrial design, and figurative and applied arts. He worked as a sessional lecturer at the Specialization School of Design at the University of Palermo and as a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts of Palermo. He is the director of the Museum of Mediterranean Wefts of the Orestiadi Foundation in Gibellina, which won the ICOM Award.

maria carmela frate

Maria Carmela Frate deals with the design and supervision of works in the field of restoration of architectural monuments and in the field of restoration of architectural heritage of historical interest. She is a member of the board of directors of the Sisto Mastrodicasa Study Centre. She currently works with the University Federico II of Naples.

marco giommoni

Composer, musicologist, sound engineer and communication manager. Born in Venice, he completed his musical and university studies in Venice, Padua, Bologna, Trento, Paris and Rouen. His studies and his research since the early 80's have focused on Musical Informatics, with particular reference to Algorithmic Music and Algebraic Composition. Today he regularly holds university seminars on Musicology, Aesthetics and Communication Theory.

antonio girardi

graduated from the IUAV university of venice, in 2015 he obtained a research doctorate in architectural technology with a thesis on the potential of sea water as a resource. he specializes in construction and plant engineering technologies, biomimicry and sustainable architecture. He is co-founder, together with cristiano favretto, of studiomobile, signatory of the first idea of the jellyfish barge then developed by Pnat.

daniele goldoni

senior researcher, former professor of aesthetics at the ca' foscari university of venice. he has published studies on marx, hegel, hölderlin, media and new economy, music and improvisation. he is the artistic director of musicafoscari.

massimo grandese

lives and works in venice dealing with the conception, organization and management of live entertainment and cultural initiatives of various kinds. in 1974 he founded the CAV audiovisual center of Venice and created broadcasts for RAI. he was part of the management of the carlo goldoni theater in venice and of the culture department of the municipality of venice. since 2008 he has been collaborating with I'Meetaly as concept creator and director of major events.

emanuela guidoboni

Emanuela Guidoboni is a historian and a member of the European Academy for her scientific merit and her multidisciplinary research on the history of the environment, earthquakes, tidal waves, volcanic eruptions and past climate changes affecting Italy and the Mediterranean area; the results of such research are applied in earth sciences, engineering and geophysics.

franco la cecla

Franco La Cecla works at the laboratory of research on the cities, the institute of higher education DAMS, the University of Palermo, IUAV University of Venice, the University of California in Berkeley, the University of Verona, the École des hautes études en sciences sociales in Paris, the Universidad politecnica de Barcelona (UPC), the San Raffaele Life-Health University, and the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL).

rodolfo lacquaniti

degree in Architecture at the University of Architecture of Florence (1974/1980). she presents herself to the public with the languages of total contemporary art: installations, video-art, painting, performance, music, photography, word, gesture, live arts, poetry and proposes a reflection on the consumer society.

caterina locati

architect, founder of the t-building evolutionary habitat project, her studies originate from the world of quantum physics and epigenetics, she carries out consultancy and courses for the development of real estate operations according to the principles of evolutionary architecture. she is the author of the book "the secret life of case" (uno editori, 2019) and of the story "la casa amata", part of the catalog of the exhibition "999 questions about living" held at the triennale in milan in 2018.

saverio luzzi

Saverio Luzzi works with the Department of Literature and Philosophy of University Roma Tre, and he has a PhD in political society and culture from the late Middle Ages to the contemporary age. He is an historian of contemporary Italian society with a focus on the evolution of the environment, landscape, land management, pollution and public health between history, sociology, medicine and epidemiology.

michele manigrasso

architect and urban planner. he is a sessional lecturer at the department of architecture and design of genova and a research associate at the university of chieti-pescara. he is a member of the scientific committee of the Italian environmentalist association legambiente and he carries out research on urban planning and adaptation to climate change. he is a founding member of the studio cingoli/manigrasso and is the manager of the department in pescara.

franca marini

after a long research in the pictorial field, since 2005 she has been creating installations and video works in which she develops themes related to metropolitan contexts and social problems relating to human rights. Her work has been exhibited in Europe, the United States, Central America and Palestine. she is currently a professor at the siena art institute, she has been teaching painting to international students since 1999.

stefano mavilio

coordinator of the master course in the design of buildings of worship, at la sapienza universities of rome. he gave lectures on composition and architectural design as a sessional lecturer. publications: guide to sacred architecture in rome; l’architettura è una scala (architecture is a scale, 2014). Creations: room of peace in the complex of saint rita of cascia; the parish complexes of bernardino realino in lecce and of saints peter and paul in olgiata, rome.

alberto mazzocchi

Alberto Mazzocchi is a surgeon specializing in maxillofacial surgery. He has studied unconventional medicine for years. He is a member of the international group of Orgonomy and Orgonomic Science with clinical trials with ORAC and Cloudbuster devices designed by Reich. He is a traveller, a researcher, and he has authored one hundred and thirty scientific articles and reports at Italian and international conferences.

chiara mazzoleni

professor of urban planning at the IUAV University of Venice. he has published studies on the research traditions of urban planning, on the construction of urban space, the economic transition and the urban regeneration policies of some European cities.

giuseppe micciarelli

he is a researcher in political philosophy and philosophy of law at the University of Salerno, expert in 'emerging common goods', winner of the Elinor Ostrom Award 2019 and very involved in the Ex Asilo Filangieri in Naples, partner of the Forest and always a source of great inspiration.

edoardo milesi

Edoardo Milesi is an architect and the director of the Permanent School of Living. He is one of the leading exponents of Italian bio-architecture and sustainable architecture. He is expert in the protection of the environment and the landscape, and he is specialized in numerous fields, including architecture ecology and religious architecture.

giulia milesi

Giulia Anna Milesi is an architect and a freelancer. She studied at the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture, and she coordinates projects and research on emergency architecture in seismic risk areas in Italy and abroad for the Archos Studio. She coordinates the project Architecture for Haiti.

tomaso montanari

normalist, he is full professor of Modern Art History at the University for Foreigners of Siena, after having taught at the University of Naples 'Federico II' and at that of Rome 'Tor Vergata'. He is president of the Technical-Scientific Committee for the Fine Arts within the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, and is a member of the Scientific Committee of the Uffizi. He writes on «Fatto Quotidiano», on «Venerdì di Repubblica», on «Altreconomia» and on «MicroMega».

stefano monti

monti&taft partner, teaches management of cultural organizations at the pontifical gregorian university. for more than a decade he has provided expertise to regions, provinces, municipalities, superintendences and has participated in numerous parliamentary commissions. he also deals with mobility, tourism, urban redevelopment through culture. his goal is to apply investment logic to the cultural sector.

cristina muccioli

Born in Milan in 1968 where she lives and works, Cristina Muccioli is an art critic and curator in Italy and abroad. You teach Communication Ethics at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, where you also hold seminars on Aesthetic Philosophy and Science. You collaborate with the Nuova Rivista Literaria (Ed. Alegre).

marco mulazzani

Marco Mulazzani is an associate professor of architectural history at the University of Ferrara. Since 1998, he has been an editor of the magazine “Casabella”, and, until 2009, he was an editor of the almanac Casabella, an annual aimed at young Italian architects. He is the author of numerous publications published mainly by Electa.

francesco murano

After earning a degree in Architectural Composition in Rome, a master's degree at the Domus Academy in Milan and the title of PhD in Industrial Design at the Milan Polytechnic, Francesco Murano approaches Primary Design and the design of intangible elements among such as light, which he has been dealing with for many years.

giovanni negri

Giovanni Negri is the owner and producer of Serradenari wine. He is a writer, a journalist, an entrepreneur and was in the Italian and European Parliament (1983-1992). He has authored Italy’s best-selling books about the world of wine. In 2013, he was awarded the Wine Oscar as the best Italian writer in the field.

silvia nessi

Silvia Nessi is an architect, a founding member and a member of the board of directors of ASF Architects Without Borders Italy. She is specialized in the design of complex social processes, and she was the “Head of Social Projects” at the cooperative ABCittà for three years; since 2010, she has been a founding member of the social promotion association ASISA, which promotes projects and processes for environmental regeneration.

francesco poli

Francesco Poli is an architect committed to experimenting with natural architecture based on plant materials. He organizes construction workshops through the association LAN – architecture workshop. He works with the association Metriquali to disseminate knowledge and raise awareness of self-construction techniques.

domenico potenza

Domenico Potenza is an adjunct lecturer in architectural composition at the department of architecture of the University G. d'Annunzio of Chieti-Pescara. In 2009, he founded the con_fine Gallery together with Tiziana di Sipio and Grazia Villani to raise awareness of architecture in southern areas. Since 1999, he has been a professional journalist and has written for and worked with some important Italian and foreign architecture magazines.

carlo pozzi

Carlo Pozzi is a full professor of architectural design at the department of architecture of the University G. d'Annunzio of Chieti-Pescara, where he carries out research especially on urban sprawl along the Middle-Adriatic coastline, on the importance of infrastructure, and on the identification of new focuses.

paolo riani

Architect, urban planner and lecturer in architectural composition at the University of Pisa. He has designed buildings in Tokyo, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Moscow, Saudi Arabia and Italy. He was an adjunct lecturer at Columbia University, NY, from 1971 to 1974, a senator of the Italian Republic (1994/97), and the director of the Italian Institute of Culture in New York (2000/03). He is also a writer and a photographer, and he has authored books on architecture and travel.

lucio rosato

lecturer in interior design at the european university of design in pescara. he was awarded a prize at europan 4 for the minotaur project in heraklion in 1996; a special prize in 2003 at the national contest for the selection of works of art for the new offices of the bureau of judicial officers of pescara for his fountain space of narcissus in 2003; and an honourable mention at the international contest park of memory in san giuliano (apulia) with the project leaning horizons in 2007.

erica scalcione

architect and partner of ZEDAPLUS architects architectural firm that bases its professional activity in the field of architectural design and research on energy, climate and environment issues. in 2016, at the venice architecture biennale and in 2017 at the milan furniture fair, he was part of the team of student reporters for the historical architecture magazine “domus”.

giovanni semi

associate professor of Sociology at the University of Turin, he has been visiting at the universities of Chicago, CUNY-New York, Paris7, Paris Marne-la-Vallée. He deals with social and urban change and in particular with the phenomena of gentrification of Italian cities, the new capitalism of platforms and urban ethnography. He has recently been working on a book on Italian homes and another on the change of public space in an atmospheric key.

roberto tagliaferri

Roberto Tagliaferri is a lecturer at the Institute of Pastoral Liturgy of Saint Justina in Padova. He was a lecturer in history of liturgical paradigms and sacraments: Christian marriage and virginity.

carlo terpolilli

Carlo Terpolilli is a lecturer at the department of architecture of the University of Florence and a founding member of Ipostudio Architects, which he co-founded in Florence in 1984. His research focuses on the relationship between architectural design and technological design, in particular in the innovation of architectural design and construction processes.

alberto timossi

nato a napoli, studia al liceo artistico paul klee di genova diplomandosi in scultura all’accademia di carrara nel 1989, vive e lavora a roma. Intende la scultura come intervento nello spazio urbano e installazione ambientale. dopo aver lavorato la pietra, sviluppa una serie di lavori in ferro che espone in varie rassegne e mostre quali il centro di sarro a roma nel 1994 e la plaza gallery di tokyo nel 1997 e 2000 per citarne alcune.

nicola valente

Nicola Valente is a freelancer. He deals with the restoration of historical heritage and architectural design. He is a consultant at the University of Siena for the analysis and verification of the structural condition of historical and heritage-protected buildings.

matteo vegetti

Matteo Vegetti has a PhD, and he is a lecturer at the Academy of Mendrisio, where he gives courses in cultural anthropology and forms of living, and a lecturer at the Polytechnic University of Milan. His publications include: The End of History (2000), Hegel on the Edge of the West (2005), A Philosophical and Social Lexicon of the City (editor, with P. Perulli, Varese, 2006), Philosophies of the City (editor, Rome 2009).

clara verazzo

Clara Verazzo is a lecturer in architectural restoration techniques at the five-year single-cycle master's degree course in architecture at the architecture department of the University of Chieti-Pescara G. d'Annunzio. He was a scholar of theory and history of restoration (2008-2012) at the University of Chieti (2010-2012). He gives lectures at universities and specialization schools.

marco vidotto

In 1975 he graduated with honors in Architecture at the University of Rome "La Sapienza" with a thesis in Architectural Composition, supervisor Prof. Arch. Ludovico Quaroni. From 1993 to 2002 he opened a professional studio in Barcelona. He has been Visiting Professor for European and American Universities.

joe zaatar

born in lebanon, he has a western education with european and middle eastern professional experience, he is a consultant for various architecture studios phd at the school of conservation of architectural heritage on modernism of the milan polytechnic. awarded for his sustainable architecture projects by numerous international organizations such as the chicago athenaeum.

edoardo zanchini

Edoardo Zanchini is an architect and he has a PhD in urban and land planning. He is the national vice-president of Legambiente and the international director of the climate and urban area departments. He has given lectures on urban planning in the Universities of Rome, Pescara and Ferrara.

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nicola baserga, franca bertagnolli, antonio borri, emanuele bruno, christian campanella, aurelio candido, fabio capanni, leonardo ciacci, matteo colleoni, giancarlo de fendi, gianluca della mea, chiara dosso, cristina felici, andrea folignoli, eleonora gambarara, giordano gasperoni, isanna generali, enrica torelli landini, roberto mancini, enrico mascheroni, pietro meloni, valeria moliterno, carlotta monteverde, pietro palladino, andrea pandolfi, michele paradiso, simone persico, christine persson, elena pezzotta, luca quattrocchi, felicia rotundo, lisa salvi, sergio steffenoni, francesco ventani, marco verdina